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Unitary Apparel wants to give people a way to engage in a fun and fashionable way! We design quality garments for everyone. Our team's goal is to give you that piece that will catch an eye, or make some one ask where they can get one! Based in the Pacific Northwest, our online store carries Native designed apparel and legit streetwear.

Unitary's founder Cody Miller gets inspiration and passion from his Native background. He uses Native pop culture and tapestry from across the country to create urban fashion that looks great on everyone. The clothing created at Unitary are all high quality garments created with you in mind. If you like legit apparel, our line is for you!

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About Us

About Us

Learn more about our company, our products and our founder.

Our Apparel

Our Apparel

Discover trendy clothes and accessories.

Other Items

Other Items

Come back soon to check out our Native American-inspired jewelry.

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If you're searching for urban fashion and street wear that tells a story, then take a look at our online store. Unitary Apparel is based in Richland, WA, but, we can ship anywhere in the world.

Our Native designed clothing and streetwear:

  • Are always fashionable and contemporary, blending modern themes with Native iconography
  • Are great conversation starters
  • Designed to wear and enjoy everywhere, by everyone
  • Gives the haters what they want, something to talk about


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