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The founder of Unitary Apparel is making his dream come true by starting this clothing company. With a passion for creating Native designed streetwear, the goal of a start up is complete. Cody's Native background inspires the design, but he also finds inspirations from everything and everyone in our environment. If the theme is cool, Unitary will use it and make it fashionable. Unitary fuses pop culture with classic Native iconography images, themes, and parodies to create apparel that is legit!

Working with multiple artists in the Pacific Northwest, Unitary creates unique and fashionable pieces. It's our goal at Unitary Apparel to represent Native Fashion and create high quality products that are accessible to everyone. We shed light on many topics through art and humor.

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Unitary Apparel is not just about fashion. We're also dedicated to giving back to the community. Cody Miller plans to use Unitary Apparel to give back to the kids of his neighborhood. Unitary plans to set up a fund for grandparents that have taken in their grandchildren. In many communities drug and alcohol abuse have caused struggling mothers and fathers to give up their kids to extended family. We feel that it would be a great cause to aid grandparents on fixed incomes and help with child care needs. Whether they are needing school clothes, lunch money, sports equipment or apparel, Unitary sees a need to give those struggling families a helping hand. Those children deserve a chance to succeed as well, and we'd like to make that a reality.

Additionally, the mission of Unitary Apparel is to seamlessly integrate Native American imagery and iconography with modern urban fashion. When you wear our clothes, you're reminding people of this nation's rich history and diverse native population.

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Thank you Jenece Howe for the Photography

Thank you Jenece Howe for the Photography

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